Just a lil introduction

The Lady Behind The Name

The Lady Behind The Name

A Pleasure to meet you!

I think this venture has been brewing within me for a while!  I’ve always wanted to help others in some way, shape or form & I guess the science side of me led me into my current profession. But, the adventurous/business side of me has always been there & for YEARS I kept asking myself, what type/kind of business would I want… & how will it benefit others…?

What I’ve come to realize is that life in itself is a journey, and we’re constantly having to adapt to new situations, circumstances, locations etc yet the one thing that never seems to shift no matter where you go or who you talk are the questions ‘who am I’ and ‘am I accepted’. Though people may not say this verbally in these exact words, it’s there for the world to see when you think of issues like peer pressure, bullying, eating disorders, diets, the ever changing world of fashion, music & sports etc. The list can go on! And the re-occurring message constantly projected is we have to change who we are, what we wear, where we live, where we study, what we do in order to be accepted by whatever is the ‘in thing’ at the moment. Our views of beauty and identity are therefore constantly morphing away from embracing and accepting who we are to a generalized ‘standard’ which we often times feel the need to compare ourselves to.

Reflections is here 🙂 to share, encourage & discuss perceptions of beauty and identity.

As with all things, it will be a journey and it can’t grow without YOU! Watch this space…..!!

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