Goodbye August… Hello September!


So here we are again…. the start of a new month. It’s a chance to build upon our successes as well as learn from our mistakes. But, it doesn’t have to take the ‘1st’ to come around for us to re-do our resolution list!

Each day is a chance to grow, to love, to change, to reflect, to learn, to forgive and it goes on and on.

be you quote1

I love this quote because it reminds that I am not in competition with anyone but myself! It doesn’t matter if someone else has managed to run a marathon; if I can barely run around the block (which is true!), then a run around the park next time is an achievement for me.

Everything takes time….. a word most of us don’t like if we’re honest because we live in such an ‘instant’ generation,  waiting for anything less than a nano second is slow! And this ideology translates into our lives when we want to see a change or anticipate something for our future. As the saying goes “Big things often have small beginnings”. We’ve gotta start from somewhere, no-one is self made over night. Usain Bolt didn’t just become the fastest man in the world after a few sleeps! He worked at it, pursued it, trained at it.

The same goes for you and I. I know I’m guilty of becoming inpatient or even tempted to give up when I don’t necessarily get the results I hope for. But I’ve realized over time that patience truly is a virtue 🙂 and often times it’s during the ‘waiting’ period that we are pruned and shaped into a better person for the next venture that arrives.

the longer u wait quote

Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient, and the best things come to those who don’t give up! New season, new beginnings. Goodbye past, hello future!

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