If Thandie Newton can do it, so can I!

“Do not define yourself by the colour of your skin, your age, or your gender. Our society is obsessed with telling us what makes us different from each other. Who is that working for? I’ll tell you who that’s working for: people and companies that benefit from our misery. It’s not working for us as individuals.”

Kay Montano, The Independent Online

Seems like I’m not the only one who’s hoping to spark some conversation about the things of beauty and identity beyond the Mac and mascara! Was having a little browse around some articles and stumbled upon this nice piece from the Independent. Refreshing that even those in the public eye feel liberated to express their thoughts and opinions on true beauty:


“Beauty should be about attitude” – click here for the article

 I may not be famous, but I am someone lol here’s to those of us trying to do a new thing, break the stereotypes & celebrate the essence of true beauty 🙂 Go ThandieKay!

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