Stop making a ‘pimple’ out of a molehill!

molehillsThis is me today!! Being a drama queen over what…?? A pimple!

Sounds contradictory to what I’m trying to achieve with this blog – you know true beauty comes from within and all that jazz! Hehe but today, I’m human!

Today, I woke up with (in my mind), a HUUUUGGGGE zit on my cheek! I mean, it was BIG! And immediately, I felt concious!

‘What will everyone think when they see it?’ and ‘Everyone is gonna be staring at it?’ and the worst… ‘Oh, I feel so not beautiful right now!’

If you were a fly on the wall, you probably would of had a big laugh at my attempts to shrink this sucker! I mean, I put on some toothpaste, some spot cream, some germolene and the last resort was tinted moisturiser (love me some Bobbi Brown I have to say- that’s a make-up brand just in case there are any guys reading this & think I’ve spelt the singer’s name wrong!)

Isn’t it funny how 1 pimple can make you feel unpretty for the whole day ladies? Or maybe it’s just me….  Once I got over myself, I just thought, you know what… yeah I have a zit, who doesn’t once in a while. I’m still Mel and I’m still gonna hold my head up high & not attempt a gazillion hairstyles to try and cover it up! (yes, I tried lol)

Love this!

Love this!

Even with a huge zit on my face, I can face the day! And if you can’t look at me because of it, well, then I have to question whether you accept me for me… warts and all!

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