Haves & Have Nots!

Content…… Are you or aren’t you?

As I sit here writing this, I do so off the back of watching a Tyler Perry show, ‘The Haves and the Have Nots’.

the haves

One of the characters, Candace jumped out at me during this show  as she spoke various lines to her estranged mother who happens to be the maid at her friend’s house:

“Don’t you wanna live like this?” and “It’s not fair, there are still tags on the clothes” and “They got her a horse for her 5th birthday, plus a car for her 16th!” Finally, “I want THIS house!”

Now, there’s nothing wrong with looking at others who have more in a material sense and being inspired to work hard to get that ‘dream house’. BUT, when you covet with wrong intentions and motives, when you get what you covet, it will never be enough!


We live in a world that constantly feeds our human tendency towards dissatisfaction and discontentment. iPad is out, but a new one is on the way! Got a 3G phone, well 4G is the way forward! In the UK, a new reg car is out every 6 months now – so trade up! And it goes on and on. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t stop there. Material dissatisfaction often veers its ugly head to personal dissatisfaction. We then don’t like our shape, our hair, our personality coz we’re more introvert than extrovert. Personal contentment and acceptance is nowadays dependent upon the number of ‘likes’ we get on our FB page, or how many RT’s on twitter. Got followers on your blog…? Well, not as much as the next person! And gosh, how can you only get an A – what happened to A*?!


I believe contentment is a learned behaviour and it’s one that takes discipline and resilience. I’m learning that day by day 🙂 Rather than focusing on what I ‘don’t have’ I focus on the MANY things I do have! You see, when you put yourself in the “HAVES” category, you have a balance to life that leads to joy, peace and contentment. I can make better judgements between what I need and what I want.  I can accept myself for who I am rather than longing to be like someone else.

contentment quote

Though I strive to better myself in all ways, I am still happy with where I am and who I am. Unlike Candace, I can look on at others and admire & be inspired, rather than get bitter and twisted, looking for ways to manipulate my way to the ‘top’. I mean, what is the ‘top’ anyway? What does it mean to ‘have?’ Is your standard of having determined by others or by you? When was living within your means not enough? Why stress yourself to keep up with the Jones’ as they say?!

There are so many things to be thankful for… health, family, a job, the ability to taste, see and think. Gratitude leads to a great attitude!

No matter where you are in life, what circumstance you find yourself in, though it may be hard or disappointing even, you do HAVE! You have so much to offer and so much to impart. You are loved, you are accepted and you are beautiful.

So keep hoping, keep going, keep striving, keep dreaming, keep having.

disney quote

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