If L’Oreal says it, I am…. right?!

Today’s post actually came about as I was searching for an inspiring lil quote or picture to post up on Facebook. And I came across this:


And the thought came to me… This is a battle that must still be fought… the battle of self acceptance and self-worth.

But is a slogan, an icon, an advert or tag-line enough to make you believe it?!


Now as iconic as the L’Oreal adverts are, they do not make me feel ‘worth it’ when I make mistakes or when I’m down…. Don’t get me wrong, the concept behind it is admirable! But, what if you didn’t have a TV to see that advert… would you still think you’re worth it?

Some find worth in money, others status, a job, relationships, knowledge, looks etc etc but what happens when those things go, or that ‘somebody’ leaves us? What if life throws some unfortunate events at you and you lose your job or the ability to think….?

It begs the question then, where does your worth, true worth come from?

I am practical…. I know the importance of education and finance, establishing a career and genuine relationships (no-one is self-made!). But I am also a woman of faith, a woman who’s identity and worth does not come from the tangible and temporary things of life which can so easily fade away.


We all come to that place of self acceptance in different ways. We are all unique, born into different cultures, surrounded by different influences, moulded by different life experiences – good and bad. And somehow, all these things shape our views and mindsets about who we are and what we think of ourselves.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall…. I AM WORTH IT!


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