“When things get funky, you see who’s really there..!”

beauty.id Q&A comes from the lovely Leah! Check out what this Midlands girl had to say…..

leah's beautyid pic

1) What is more important to you, physical beauty or character/inward beauty?

“I would say definitely character, not just because it’s the ‘right’ answer but because someone with a beautiful character will always endure in relationships. When things get funky you see who’s really there… who really has a true beauty. (Male and female) Someone can be beautiful/handsome outwardly, but if they repeatedly hurt you or others or act out of selfishness, with lack of kindness and understanding, that outer beauty becomes invisible and all you see is their character. It is very possible to love someone who you might have found unattractive in the beginning when you soon find out how lovely and genuine they are. Good looks can often be deceiving and it’s important not to fall for someone before you see their true character.

 The king of kings knows this all too well…”

the lord looks at the heart

2) What makes a man beautiful to you?

“A beautiful man to me is a man who can take responsibility, protect and love his family. Nothing makes me smile more inside than seeing a man play with and show affection to his kids. A leader and prayer warrior! I wanna know that when I’m married, whenever I’m losing my bearings, that my husband will pray for me, comfort me and speak kindness and encouragement. A good sense of humour to me is important too! 🙂 Laughter is definitely the best medicine!”

3) Name someone who’s beautiful to you & why?

 “If it’s OK with you I would like to name two beautiful people…

 One of them being my brother Shem.  Throughout my life he has been a great example to me, and through years of family feuds he has rarely shown partiality to anyone. He has been the peace maker between relatives and has the ability to see things from all angles.  He’s great with his nephew and is very understanding at the same time; not afraid to take matters into his own hands and make a decision. He can speak kindness and encouragement as well as rebuke in its right time. He’s not a Christian but he has a natural Christ-like manner which is very admirable. I know he will make a good husband to a lucky lady one day!

 The second being Nicole aka CoCo – she is the God mother of my son and a true inspiration to my life. She has been a great example to me in the few years that I’ve known her… as a Christian, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a teacher and yes a mother even though she hasn’t got any kids YET! She’s very real and wise, she’s an amazing cook, creative, has a great sense of humour, she’s kind and always seems to know what to say and when to say it whether it be of comfort or guidance. On top of all that she’s crazy (like me) and has a killer smile! Everyone needs a CoCo in their life lol!”

4) What makes you beautiful?

“For me this is the most challenging question, because I have struggled with rejection, acceptance and self hatred my whole life. But as I grow and mature, I’m learning to appreciate what really matters in life. God is helping me a lot to accept myself as I am and be myself – flaws and all!

What makes me beautiful?

I love children and animals.

I like to help others in need and share my blessings.

I am creative.

I quite like my eyes too! 🙂 “

 u are beautiful

“God bless xX YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Xx”

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