1. the act of reflecting or the state of being reflected.
2. an image; representation; counterpart.
3. a fixing of the thoughts on something; careful consideration.
4. a thought occurring in consideration or meditation.
5. an unfavorable remark or observation.

(dictionary.com definition)

Hello and a very WARM welcome to the Reflections blog!

I’m Meloney (yes, it is spelt correctly!), Mel for short and I’m a full-time healthcare professional with some other interests on the side! As the CEO of beauty.id, the aspiring forum to (S)hare, (E)ncourage and (D)iscuss perceptions of beauty & identity; Reflections is the accompanying blog whereby the S.E.D. aims can be achieved to even greater detail 🙂

Each new day presents itself with new challenges to face, hurdles to jump, moments of victory and/or moments of loss. No matter what may be set before us, good and bad, we can easily lose track of ourselves. Sometimes all we need to do is stop…. take a breathe…. and reflect upon our true beauty and true identity!

Some reflect by a song, a poem, moments of silence or retreat, in a journal or blog! And this is what this forum is all about.

So, please join me as we embark on this new blog journey of reflections!

prov.27 reflection quote

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